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Archive for 2020

  • Oct222020
    Tea Journal

    Cosy Tea Rituals

    Making a hot drink is the perfect way to unwind from a stressful day. Listening to the sound of the…

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  • Oct082020

    Why Stainless Steel Jewellery?

    When we say forever lasting we mean it. All of our stainless steel pieces are waterproof, perfume-proof, life-proof. The plating…

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  • Oct032020
    MS Journal

    All About the Crafts

    This season’s interior accessories focus on natural materials and ancient arts of making. Crafts like glass blowing, pottery, or weaving…

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  • Aug132020

    Staff Picks: Sarah’s Favourites

    In this series, we are showing you a hand-picked selection of items which are special to team NM. This time,…

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  • Aug082020

    Made Sustainably – Baggu Face Masks

    Face masks are a part of the new normal. We think that hygiene and sustainability should go hand in hand.…

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  • Jul302020
    silver journal

    Introducing: Sculptural Silver

    Autumn is just around the corner. We are looking forward to the change of seasons by launching another jewellery collection.…

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  • Jul222020

    Repot it Right

    We have a confession to make. Team Nordic Muse is a bunch of crazy plant ladies. We love to bring…

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  • Jul162020
    Hubsch Journal

    Hübsch Interior Happiness

    Based in Jutland, circa 300km away from the Danish capital Copenhagen, operates design house Hübsch – the newest addition to…

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  • Jun252020

    Introducing: Golden Hues

    Looking towards the new season, we are launching fresh jewellery collections consisting of premium material pieces. First of all, we…

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  • Jun082020

    Bags by Baggu

    California-based brand Baggu has become world famous for their simple, sustainable shopping bags, which have a uniquely functional and long-lasting…

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