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About Us

From the founder
Five years ago, I left corporate retail to pursue my vision for Nordic Muse. Inspired by Nordic simplicity, quality design, and craftsmanship, it has become more than just a brand. Our Tib Street store has become a hub that extends beyond our community. We value our team, our products, and our customers, and strive to offer a personal approach to shopping. We love to share our story creatively and inject personality into everything we do. It’s been a dream come true, and we thank you for being a part of it. Here’s to the journey ahead!
Unlike other brands that rely on influencers and paid promotions, we uphold a zero-paid promotional policy. Authenticity is our marketing strategy. Our team models our collections and we photograph our products with a story-telling, documentary approach. By capturing our products in real-life settings, we hope to attract those who share our values.
We take a hands-on approach to product selection, from sourcing to visiting suppliers. Our collections are based on pure values with a common thread and trendy elements. Our vision is to deliver playful products reflecting Nordic simplicity, good craftsmanship, and high-quality design. The in-house curated jewellery collection includes layering necklaces, contemporary earrings, statement rings, and minimal bangles. Mixing and mismatching is encouraged with contrasting shapes and textures for a timeless finish.
Nordic Muse
After dedicating 22 years to the retail industry, from shop floor to head office roles, I realised that the digital era lacked a personal touch. Trading at local Artisan markets, which I previously regarded as a hobby, became significant to me. My passion for retail and Scandinavian design gave birth to Nordic Muse, which has now grown to be an award-winning Independent Retailer. My devotion to product and service has resulted in a 5-star experience for our customers.