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Introducing: Golden Hues

Introducing: Golden Hues
June 25, 2020 Nordicmuse
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Looking towards the new season, we are launching fresh jewellery collections consisting of premium material pieces. First of all, we want to introduce the Golden Hues Collection. This range is inspired by vintage gold pieces that you could find on flea markets or in your mother’s jewellery box.

There are rings to stack and earrings to combine. The motto is: The more the better. The Golden Hues Collection is something for true jewellery lovers who do not hesitate to make a statement with their accessories.

For this selection we have picked premium materials such as 18 carat gold plated sterling silver and stainless steel. These metals provide longevity and high skin tolerance while still being affordable. Read the Nordic Muse material and care guide for more information.

When it comes to styling the Golden Hues Collection we suggest going for a minimal outfit. Let a white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers be your plain canvas to which you can add hoops and rings. Accessories have the beautiful power to add character and individuality to the simplest looks.

Pool Safe

The forever lasting pieces in the Golden Hues Collection are water-, sweat-, and perfume-proof and guaranteed to keep their colour.

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