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Bags by Baggu

Bags by Baggu
June 8, 2020 Nordicmuse
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California-based brand Baggu has become world famous for their simple, sustainable shopping bags, which have a uniquely functional and long-lasting design. We are happy to welcome this bestselling item in various striking colours to our range of accessories. Not only because we love the design. We also get behind Baggu’s sustainable approach to make bags that will have long and useful lives.

Affordable and nice-looking, the Baggu shopper design is based on the construction of a classic plastic bag but built to hold 2-3 times as much as a disposable grocery tote. The reusable bags are perfect to fold up and take with you wherever you go.

Baggu’s best-selling shopper is made from lightweight ripstop nylon. All of their Ripstop Nylon styles are made with 40% recycled material. Baggu is using a recycled nylon filament yarn produced from pre-consumer waste, which means that they are saving scrap material from landfill, and in turn helping conserve petroleum resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Baggu also uses environmentally responsible dyes that are fully absorbed by the material during production, minimising runoff.

To reduce waste and increase durability, Baggu’s reusable tote bags are assembled from one continuous piece of recycled nylon material, with the neck of the bag used to construct the carrying pouch. The pouch is intentionally separate from the bag, as it is much easier to fold and insert the bag into the pouch when it is detached. Proper storage will also ensure your bag lasts longer. Secured with double stitched seams, each bag can hold up to 50 lbs.

With a Baggu bag you will purchase a companion for your weekly food shop, which can be used over and over again.

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