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  • Mar302020

    Working with LJB Studio

    Being a small business, it is always a top priority for us to work with other independent makers and creators…

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  • Oct042019
    House Doctor Fights CO2 Emissions

    House Doctor Fights CO₂ Emissions

    Climate change. Everybody’s talking about it. And there’s no doubt that we all can and should do something to stop the earth from getting warmer and warmer. Danish interior brand House Doctor is setting a good example. They want to give something back to the environment by planting trees with Grow For It.

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  • Sep262018
    Retail Re-imagined

    Retail Re-imagined.

    Andrea George, Head of Retail and leisure at Bruntwood talks about the six trends shaping the way we experience retail.

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  • Sep222018

    Why We Need Libraries

    I was recently invited by Manchester Council to talk about what the library means to me, and how I’ve used the free services to help launch and grow my business. Libraries around the world play a direct role in supporting start-up businesses and Manchester Central Library is no different. 

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