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Archive for October, 2019

  • Oct172019
    Tackling Period Poverty with Every Month

    Put Period Poverty to an End

    Access to food and adequate housing are what springs to mind when we think about poverty. However, ‘period poverty’ is…

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  • Oct152019
    The Power of Journaling

    The Power of Journaling

    Writing down thoughts helps staying organised on a day to day basis. However, there is more to journaling than just keeping track of chores and obligations. It is a very powerful self-care tool, can bring inner peace and clarity.

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  • Oct042019
    House Doctor Fights CO2 Emissions

    House Doctor Fights CO₂ Emissions

    Climate change. Everybody’s talking about it. And there’s no doubt that we all can and should do something to stop the earth from getting warmer and warmer. Danish interior brand House Doctor is setting a good example. They want to give something back to the environment by planting trees with Grow For It.

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