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Made Sustainably – Baggu Face Masks

Made Sustainably – Baggu Face Masks
August 8, 2020 Nordicmuse
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Face masks are a part of the new normal. We think that hygiene and sustainability should go hand in hand. It is estimated that globally we are disposing of 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every month since the pandemic has started. Unless working in the medical industry, opting for a reusable mask is the smarter option. This is why we are introducing Baggu’s organic face masks in nine vibrant colours.

California-based brand Baggu is world famous for their simple, sustainable shopping bags, which have a uniquely functional and long-lasting design. Baggu creates products to have long, useful lives. They design to minimise waste, use sustainable materials, and have a long-standing partnership with their manufacturer, who commits to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

Now, Baggu have come out with their very own face masks. They fold perfectly over your face. Adjustable straps guarantee an individual fit.

These non-medical face masks are machine washable and made from 100% organic quilter’s cotton. Baggu chose to use quilter’s cotton because its tight weave and thick thread are effective at blocking respiratory droplets while remaining breathable and comfortable to wear. A nose wire ensure a comfortable fit for most adults, and there is a pocket for a filter insert.

With proper care, these masks can be used over and over again. We recommend washing upon opening, then lying flat to dry. A 90-degree cycle will sanitise the fabric after future use.

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