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Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Working from Home
March 25, 2020 Nordicmuse
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Like a lot of you guys out there the Nordic Muse team is now working from home. Some people flourish while working remotely. Others might find it a bit hard to get into a productive routine. Here are some tips on how we personally tackle this new working schedule, what to do to and what not to do stay focussed.

Set your alarm

Even if it sounds tempting: Don’t have a lie in. Try to stick to a waking up time which is usual for you. It is the first step of establishing a routine. The upside of working from home is that you define your working hours. Find out what your most productive window of time is during the day and use it. If it is early in the morning –  get up early. When you are more an afternoon person, focus on later hours.

Get dressed

One thing we find very crucial to start your work day right is getting dressed even if you are just commuting to the living room. We are big believers that clothes influence your mood so try and put a nice outfit together. If putting jewellery on is part of your routine, go for it! And to be honest: It is the nicest feeling to change back to your comfies after work is done.

Arrange your workspace

Of course not everyone has a spare room in their apartment or house. However, these are times for improvising. Repurpose your dining table or find a peaceful corner in your bedroom. Try to make yourself feel relaxed and concentrated  by setting up a personal space – no matter how small it is (see our Pinterest board for more inspo). We recommend choosing a work mug and maybe arranging some flowers on your table too.

Make a to do list

Write down all the tasks you want to complete each day. Accumulate the tasks that demand with more priority in the hours that you are most productive. The ones which require less brain power can be moved to your less productive hours.

Have a proper lunch break

You are working from home. Your own kitchen is just around the corner. Use it! Dedicate half an hour or an hour to prepare and eat a wholesome lunch. During this time, try to stay away from your work desk, sit somewhere else instead, if possible.

Get some Movement in

Speaking of sitting. It is not the healthiest thing to do. So see if you can mix some movement into your daily routine. A walk outside is an idea or a quick online workout. We really got into videos of Yoga with Adriene on Youtube, who offers a plethora of sessions in various lengths and intensities.

Make a Brew and Re-Focus

Humans cannot concentrate eight hours straight. If you find yourself procrastinating –  don’t be hard on yourself. Put the kettle on, make a brew and re-focus on your to-do-list.

And there you have it: Our top tips how to stay motivated while working from home. If you have more recommendations please do not hesitate to share.

Stay safe,
Your Nordic Muse Team

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