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The ‘Hygge’ Edit

The ‘Hygge’ Edit
March 19, 2020 Nordicmuse
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Hygge is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment as cosy, charming or special. Reading a book inside when it’s raining can be ‘hygge’. The smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns can be ‘hygge’. Curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea can be ‘hygge’. In this journal post, we want to explore the danish phenomenon ‘hygge’ and take a closer look at how we can recreate this Scandinavian comfort in our own homes.

Small Light –  Big Effect

Lighting a candle is basically the first step for spreading ‘hygge’ inside. Whether you are taking a bath or reading a book, lighting a candle can change the atmosphere drastically. Personally, we also love to light a scented candle on our work desks. Depending on the fragrance, it can help you to stay calm and relaxed or feel uplifted. We recommend soy wax candles because of two reasons: 1) They have a longer burning time than paraffin candles. 2) They are 100% natural and therefore not harming. Have a look at our two candle brands, Meraki and Old Man & Magpie, which exclusively use soy wax and natural essential oils.

Taking Care of Yourself

A huge part of the ‘hygge’-feeling is making yourself the best time possible. Taking care of yourself and enjoying me-time is a great tool to get rid of stress or anxiety. What about a nourishing face treatment or a proper mani- and pedicure? If you don’t find the time for an excessive beauty session –  do not worry. Sometimes all you need to press the reset button, is a second to moisturise your hands. Check out our vegan and organic hand cream by Danish brand Meraki.

Have a Cuppa

Nothing beats a cup of tea. It is all about the ritual: Put the kettle on, choose your favourite tea and … relax! Infuse your daily tea moments with an extra dose of ‘hygge’ by using a special cup like our Madam Stoltz face mug. These cute little ceramics brighten up your morning, afternoon, and evening break.

Mother Nature Helps

Bring nature indoors with a bunch of dried lavender. This flower is way more than just pretty. Even when dried it spreads a beautifully calming scent. Ideally, lavender is placed on your bedside table. The natural essential oils have a relaxing and comforting effect to help you fall asleep easier. For £6 you can order a bunch of dried lavender from us. Just drop us an email for further instructions.

Scandinavian Inspiration

Danish brand Society of Lifestyle has recently published their second paper journal which is full of Scandi lifestyle ideas. Get a free copy with every homeware or well-being order now. Only till stocks last.


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