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Mindful Moments of Self-Care

Mindful Moments of Self-Care
February 22, 2022 Nordicmuse
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When the weather is bringing your mood down, tuning into your senses can be a great tool to pick you up. Sometimes it’s as easy as lighting a scented candle or washing your hands with a fragrant soap to bring you back into the present moment. With Meraki, we are stocking a self-care brand that lends itself perfectly to those small everyday sensual rituals. Rooted in Denmark, Meraki has a strong focus on organic and natural ingredients.

Body Rituals

Meraki’s body products are a core part of our well-being range. We love the gentle textures, caring ingredients, and subtle scents they provide. Their solid soap bars are an easy way to incorporate invigorating smells into your shower routine. Finish the ritual with the nourishing body butter to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated. For small everyday indulgence, we recommend the Meraki hand wash which – just like the body butter – is certified organic by ECOCERT Cosmos and comes in three different scents.

The Northern Dawn range smells of notes of wood and fresh orange. It contains extracts from parsley and carrot blended with shea butter, almond, olive, and sunflower oil. Silky Mist has a scent of white citrus blossoms and nourishes with jojoba oil, aloe vera, and extracts from cucumber and apple. Linen Dew combines notes of patchouli and mint. The range contains aloe vera, avocado oil, blueberry, and nettle extract.

Mood Setters

There are only a few things that can change your mood more immediately than scents. Lighting a candle or unboxing a room diffuser can change the atmosphere of the entire room. Meraki has a range of unique room fragrances that help to liven up the everyday. Their candles and reed diffusers are made from natural ingredients and spread a gentle fragrance. Our tip: Light a scented candle on your work desk to help the creativity flow.

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