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Put Period Poverty to an End

Put Period Poverty to an End
October 17, 2019 Nordicmuse
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Access to food and adequate housing are what springs to mind when we think about poverty. However, ‘period poverty’ is an inevitable aspect for many women in the UK. It means not being able to afford sanitary products. 

Recent studies have shown that one third of the UK population have experienced poverty in recent years, with women being one of the most vulnerable groups. By supporting local charity organisation Every Month Nordic Muse wants to help tackling period poverty in Greater Manchester.

The volunteers at Every Month create and distribute packs of menstrual products to food banks and over services for people living in poverty. To be able to support its mission the group relies on private donations. On top of that, the volunteers sell small goodies at their charity events and in the Every Month online shop.

It fills us with pure happiness that our drop-shaped earrings will be part of their small merchandise range. The studs come in silver and gold and will be attached to an especially designed card.

As a women-run business we are very proud to support Every Month on their mission to fight period poverty with our jewellery. If you too want to help, visit the Every Month website for events, contact details and more.

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