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Autumnal Update on Ceramics

Autumnal Update on Ceramics
September 16, 2019 Nordicmuse
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Ceramics come in all different shapes and colours. This season, our collection reflects natural tones with soft grey, green, brown or mustard being the main shades. Another important theme for this Autumns’ ceramics is abstract shapes and face imprints like these bestselling pots and vases by Madam Stoltz. The quirky design looks grant displayed in a group of pots and vases of different heights and widths but it also stands out as a solo piece. Apart from colour and shape, texture is a strong motif the season. You can find it throughout our selection of Madam Stoltz and House Doctor products. Today’s ceramics are grained, speckled and finished with irregular glazing to enhance the handmade look and feel. Reminiscent of the 70s, these unusual pieces add a bit of nostalgia to a modern home without being too overstated.

Our Styling Tip

We like to give our face pots an individual hairstyle by adding eccentric-looking plants such as succulents or ivy. Vases stand out most when decorated with single abstract flowers or seasonal stems. Remember: Pots and vases do not always have to be used for greenery exclusively. Try and style them as a toothbrush or make-up brush holders in your bathroom. They also make a great addition to your work desk keeping pens, pencils, and scissors in place. We encourage you to get creative!

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