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Spring-Ready Glassware

Spring-Ready Glassware
February 28, 2023 Nordicmuse
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The new season is on the doorstep – the perfect time to introduce Spring-ready glassware to our homes. We’ve chosen a cohesive range of aqua and green-toned tumblers and plates by Danish brand House Doctor.

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The collection consists of two sizes of glass plates, a low glass, and a highball tumbler. Each style comes in two colours – a light-blue aqua tone and a darker shade of green. The colours compliment each other and can easily be mixed and matched.

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From dinners in the garden to casual get-togethers, this range is ideal when you want to create a welcoming atmosphere. All items come in a set of two. Start building your collection today – Spring is the season for new beginnings after all.

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