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Meraki Goes Organic

Meraki Goes Organic
September 12, 2019 Nordicmuse
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Meraki beauty products have been a part of our selection ever since we have opened our physical shop on Oxford Street in June 2018. Therefore we are happy to share the news that Meraki products are now certified organic. Always focused on natural ingredients Meraki now is equipped with the official COSMOS label.

COSMOS stands for Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard, and is an impartial, European standard that controls and certifies organic cosmetics and skincare products. When a product has the COSMOS label, you can always see how much of the product’s ingredients are natural and what the organic percentage is. The purpose is to ensure a sustainable approach from the product’s content and manufacture to the choice of packaging.

What does this mean exactly?

A product only passes the labelling process if it is, at a minimum, 98% natural. The rest has to come from nature-identical ingredients. All raw materials must be manufactured with approved processes, scents need to be 100% natural. Also, the products need to be made without the use of genetically modified ingredients. If palm and palm kernel oil are used they need to be produced sustainably. And lastly, all packaging has to be made of recyclable materials.

Why did Meraki aim to get the certification?

Meraki wants to guide customers through the jungle of skincare products and make it easier to understand the content of the products on the shelves. This reflects their pure and simple principles: You will get honest care products which will make it easy for you to choose the best products for yourself and your loved ones.

What else is new?

Look out for the words ‘Certified Organic’ on Meraki’s new packaging to identify the COSMOS tested products. With the certified range, the Danish brand has also released a new scent called ‘Northern Dawn’ which smells of fresh parsley and ginger. We stock it as a hand soap, hand lotion, body lotion, and hand cream.


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