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Handy Travel Comrades: Canvas Bags

Handy Travel Comrades: Canvas Bags
September 12, 2019 Nordicmuse
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If you are traveling, spending a weekend away or just like to carry a lot of things with you on a day-to-day basis canvas pouches and bags are practical accessories. A small make-up bag doubles up as a brilliant jewellery pouch. It is also ideal to keep chargers, memory cards or headphones in place. Especially if you like to carry a big handbag using small zip bags is an easy way to stay organised.

Larger wash bags are great for toiletries – of course – but you can also use them to keep your travel papers safe. We recommend storing important documents like boarding passes or passports in a separate pouch while you are on the go. This will guarantee easy access and peace of mind.  Another staple we always take on our travels are canvas tote bags. Foldable and therefore easy to pack shoppers are a great way to stay stylish and sustainable no matter where you go. Use them on local markets or for any souvenirs you have hunted down during your trip.

Check out our selection of canvas bags and pouches. The pieces from House Doctor’s beautiful line collection come with a coated lining which makes them easy to clean but they also keep their content safe from splashing water. It is also worth checking out our Madam Stoltz tote bag: it is roomy, has a bold pattern and has the perfect strap length. Love!

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