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Ceramic Hanging Plant Pot Set, Hübsch

Ceramic Hanging Plant Pot Set, Hübsch


This Ceramic Hanging Plant Pot Set from Hübsch is made from ceramic and comes in a sleek, minimalist sand coloured design, adding coolness and style to your home. The pots are fitted with leather straps that are sturdy and long-lasting. Plant your favourite greenery in this stunning pot set and pair it with other vessels for an even more cosy effect.

DIA: 17 x 16 cm, 20 x 16 cm / Ceramic

The keyword happiness is deeply rooted in Hübsch. They want to create happiness by designing quality products in a unique style, by offering the best service every day, and by meeting our surroundings with a smile on our lips. Hübsch’s creative team in Denmark has their finger on the pulse and designs quality products in their own, unique style. Hübsch has a great focus on creating a common thread throughout the collections, and at the same time adapting to the trend of the times.

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