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A Casual Allotment Supper

A Casual Allotment Supper
August 30, 2023 Nordicmuse
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A Casual Allotment Supper

It is no secret that we are huge fans of outdoor dining. There is something very special about enjoying your food while being surrounded by nature. We were lucky enough to set up a series of outdoor meals when we visited Wales, like this evening supper next to our host’s allotment.

For this evening picnic edit we’ve unconsciously gravitated to natural materials to match the lush garden around us. We’ve utilised the recycled cotton checked throw from Madam Stoltz. The soft-touch added a layer of comfort, whilst the checked pattern completed our choice of glassware.

Allotment Supper

Along with colour coordination, contrasting textures added a playful twist. In the spotlight are the Beldi highball glasses in green, accompanied by the matching jug holding refreshing lemon-infused water. The spotlight also falls on our new additions this year: recycled glass plates, available in two sizes. Perfectly suited for everything from intimate dinners to laid-back gatherings, these plates embody both practicality and style.

Amidst the charm of overgrown hedges and a thriving vegetable patch, the sturdy plates, jug, and tumblers facilitated a relaxed grassy setting. Remarkably, this casual arrangement didn’t compromise the slightest hint of the elegance found in a traditional table setup. Draped over the basket here, our mini, washed cotton gingham tablecloth offers the possibility of recreating this dining experience on a more smaller scale. Alternatively, these tablecloths serve as versatile elements, allowing for layering and introducing a sense of depth to the arrangement.