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The Picnic Edit

The Picnic Edit
July 18, 2022 Nordicmuse
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Lemon-infused water, a crusty loaf of bread, fresh chunky tomatoes in the sunshine – that’s what picnic dreams are made of. Aside from the culinary goods, practical tableware is essential for al-fresco dining. We have collected a list of must-have picnic items that elevate every outdoor snack.

The Foundation

Every good picnic starts with a basket and a blanket. We’ve selected a sturdy handled carrying basket and a striped blanket by House Doctor. Top tip: We suggest adding the Madam Stoltz floor cushion for extra comfort.

Sturdy Cups and Glasses

When you’re taking lunch or dinner outside you want to be looking for something sturdy to enjoy your drink from. The floor can be bumpy or someone might accidentally kick your drink over. The Marbled Resin Cups by House Doctor are ideal for taking outside. They’re made from art stone which is lightweight and durable. Not as smash-proof as the cups but sturdier than normal glasses is our best-selling Beldi range. These handmade pieces are beautifully rustic and come in three sizes: low, mid, and high-ball. A matching jug makes the drink set-up perfect.

Lightweight Plates and Bowles

Another thing to consider when choosing picnic products is the weight. Keep in mind that you might need to carry all your stuff to your favourite lunch spot. Of course, you could opt for paper plates but there are so many pretty and more sustainable alternatives out there. Like these Marbled Resin Plates by House Doctor or these Wooden Plates by Madam Stoltz. Apply the same thinking to the rest of your setup and swap heavy ceramics for lightweight resin bowls or natural bread baskets.

The Finishing Touches

Now onto the maybe not-so-essential but even more fun bits: Spruce up your blanket and create a whimsical atmosphere with a couple of dinner candles and incense sticks to keep any insects away. You can also bring a vase and collect some freshly picked flowers and stems for an elegantly elevated summer setup.


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