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Green Living – The Sustainable Edit

Green Living – The Sustainable Edit
September 8, 2021 Nordicmuse
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Starting to lead a more sustainable life can be daunting at first. It might seem like there’s so much you could change and do to protect the planet and this can feel overwhelming sometimes. If we take small steps, one by one, living more sustainably becomes a more doable, yes, even enjoyable task. Swapping some everyday products can already change habits and that’s a good start. In this edit, we have collected useful tips for a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. And remember –  we’re all just trying our best.

Green living Journal 2

The main aspect of green living is ditching single-use plastic. Every time we are buying something on the go we’re wasting loads of wrapping, packaging, and bottles, which are then piling up in landfills. But once you’ve got the right tools, saving on these is super easy. Investing in a portable flask is the first step to irradicate any unnecessary plastic water bottles. Fill yours at home and top up on the go. There are a lot of places these days that are offering a free water fill-up.

Re-using is also key when it comes to your lunch break. It is worth getting a nice box to carry leftovers or freshly made sandwiches. Even if it seems like more work, it is nicer to the planet and feels very rewarding. Also, you won’t believe how much money you can save in the long run.

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Another factor of green living is choosing natural materials such as bamboo, wood. Often, these supplies can be recycled easily and – most of the time – look better than artificial alternatives. Steps towards more sustainability could be swapping paraffin to soy wax candles, shower gel bottles to soap bars with paper packaging, or plastic storage containers to glass jars with a cork lid.

We hope, this edit has given you some ideas on how to slowly ease your way into a greener, more mindful lifestyle. Let’s all be kind to mother nature.

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