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The Zodiac Edit

The Zodiac Edit
April 9, 2020 Nordicmuse
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Star signs hint at the quirks of our characters. With our recently dropped Zodiac Collection you can show off our individual constellation and spiritual connection to one another with a piece of jewellery.

The range contains twelve pendant necklaces – one for every star sign – made of premium materials. The zodiac signs are imprinted on both sides of a rustic coin which is attached to a 44cm-long chain. The collection is created in high-quality gold vermeil, a sterling silver base with a thick layer of gold plating.

Adding an individual twist to your accessory collection these necklaces look great worn on their own with a plain white t-shirt or layered with other chains in different lengths. An ideal present for fellow astronomy lovers each necklace comes in a beautifully crafted Nordic Muse gift box.

There are twelve star signs. Your star sign is determined by your date of birth. The following list gives you a calendric overview of each zodiac sign and their key characteristics:

Star sign overview

Capricorn (22.12 – 19.1.) – Responsible, good manners, disciplined

Aquarius (20.1. – 18.2.) – Progressive, independent, humanitarian

Pisces (19.2. – 20.3.) – Artistic, intuitive, gentle

Aries (21.3. – 19.4.) – Courageous, honest, optimistic

Taurus (20.4. – 20.5.) – Reliable, patient, stable

Gemini (21.5. – 20.6.) – Affectionate, curious, adaptable

Cancer (21.6. – 22.7.) – Tenacious, emotional, sympathetic

Leo (23.7. – 22.8.) – Creative, warm-hearted, cheerful

Virgo (23.8. – 22.9.) – Loyal, analytical, kind

Libra (23.9. – 22.10.) – Diplomatic, gracious, social

Scorpio (23.10. – 22.11.) – Brave, passionate, a true friend

Sagittarius (23.11. – 21.12.) – Generous, idealistic, great sense of humour


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