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Everyday Pieces – The Stainless Steel Collection

Everyday Pieces – The Stainless Steel Collection
March 5, 2020 Nordicmuse
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Stainless Steel Collection

You can find stainless steel everywhere: In your kitchen, in your bathroom, in surgical instruments – and premium jewellery. Stainless Steel is a versatile and durable material offering the best qualities to be used for our necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings.

Minimal design, maximal quality

This type of metal is hypoallergenic, which means that it never causes any irritations on your skin. Additionally, our Stainless Steel Collection comes with an indestructible gold- or silver-plating. The so-called Aqua-plating is guaranteed not to fade, tarnish or change in colour. You can even wear it while sleeping, showering or swimming. For our most hardwearing collection, we chose minimal shapes that create a contemporary but timeless look. All pieces are made to last forever and infuse your everyday style with some classic modernity. Ranging between £14 and £16 the Stainless Steel Collection is a selection of affordable, forever-lasting pieces that make great gifts – for your loved ones or for yourself.

Stainless Steel Collection


This growing stainless steel selection consists of six statement rings in organic and playful forms. There are two types of signet rings – a round version and a rectangular version -, a twisted dome ring, a double ring, an irregular ring, and a squished dome ring. Every ring comes in three sizes, which makes them easy to stack on different fingers.


Best-selling pillar of our Stainless Steel Collection is our letter necklaces, which make a very personal gift and add a quirky, cool element to every outfit. We stock lots of different initials in gold and silver. Letters O,Q,U,V,W,X,Y,Z are crafted on a custom order basis, please email us for further details.


True staples for every jewellery lover are our small and medium-sized matte hoops with a stainless steel base, which come in silver, gold and rose-gold. These earrings look great worn on their own – or pair both sizes for a bold, unusual look. Also part of the Stainless Steel Collection is a lobe-hugging fan earring, which too comes in silver, gold, and rose gold.


Another classic from our Stainless Steel Collection is the cuff bangle. Available with a silver, gold, or rose gold plating, these simple bangles are the perfect pieces for minimalists. They also look great combined with other bangles and bracelets.

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