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Andy Barton Website Launch

Andy Barton Website Launch
January 21, 2017 Nordicmuse
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Andy Barton is a British based freelance photographer. His own photographic work has focused on various subjects over the years; from socio-political movements, subcultures in people and event photography.

Andy believes that great creativity is often the result of team effort and values working closely with his subjects. His work is transparent of any distracting technique, and shows his subject in their most honest form. With an emphasis on integrity, he reveals something of his subject’s inner self.

With the launch of Andy’s new website, now seems like the perfect time to share a snapshot of my adventures in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The design of Andy’s new website allows easy navigation through his portfolio, where his work can be easily accessed. To check out his full portfolio of imagery along with a detailed blog on our Tel Aviv adventure, simply visit www.andybartonphoto.com

The iconic HaYarkon 96 building, Tel Aviv

The White City, Tel Aviv 

Jaffa, Southern Tel Aviv

Jaffa, Southern Tel Aviv

Old City, Jerusalem

Old City, Jerusalem

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