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A Laid-Back Afternoon

A Laid-Back Afternoon
November 23, 2022 Nordicmuse
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What’s better than spending an afternoon people-watching with a flaky croissant and a refreshing drink on hand? We took a short stroll from our shop on Tib Street to our neighbours at Just Between Friends Coffee down the road to live our perfect afternoon dreams.

Call us grandmas but there’s no way we could drink one of their potent coffees after 12 pm. A bottle of Laid Bear’s Kombucha seemed like the perfect choice for when it’s too late for flat whites but too early for Aperol.

Brewed locally in Manchester, we were super excited to try this fermented drink and it frankly blew our socks off. Kombucha is naturally low in sugar and promotes healthy gut bacteria. It’s a perfect alternative to sugary soft drinks or to enjoy instead of alcohol if you are not boozing.

The award-winning booch comes in a couple of different flavours. We’ve tried the ginger one and it was hands-down one of the best Kombuchas we’ve ever had.

Matching our favourite natural soft drink, we’ve chosen organically shaped jewellery for this edit. Think fluid rings, drop-shaped hoops, and Ginger-Kombucha-gold. Shop the collection here.

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