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Gold Snap

Gold Snap
January 20, 2024 Nordicmuse
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There’s something magical about cold, sunny days. The air feels crisp and invigorating. It’s a stark contrast to the grey and rainy days of winter. It’s days like these when we want to wear our gold jewellery to make the most of the freezing cold. It is like adding solidified sunshine to Winter skin.

Gold Jewellery for Winter

The material of our jewellery collection can withstand the harshest of Winter conditions: gold-plated stainless steel offers a very long-lasting and skin-friendly alternative to other bases. In case your skin feels irritated or dry this season, stainless steel is an excellent choice as it is hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean. Plus: Our rings come in three sizes which accommodates shrinking winter fingers.

Collage Manchester Winter

Confront the cold snap with our recent golden additions such as the Gold Entwine Ring and best-selling staples like the Gold Chunky Chain Necklace. Shop the edit via the button below.

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