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The Green Glass Edit

The Green Glass Edit
August 24, 2022 Nordicmuse
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Vibrant yet natural-looking the green Beldi glassware range has rapidly become our shop’s bestselling product line. People seem to love them for gifting but also for themselves. Some go all in with multiple sets and a jug on top, others just started to build their collection with a handful of glasses. Whether you’re a student or a family of six – these glasses just seem to strike a chord with anyone who sees them.

Every item of the Beldi offering is made from recycled glass by hand leaving each piece with unique marks and small bubbles. We think it is those imperfections, that make the products so special and charming. It’s almost as if you found them on a market abroad. The green colour just adds to this retro and almost antique-like look.

The collection contains low, mid, and highball tumblers in sets of 4 or 6. A matching sleek glass jug completes the range and makes it perfect for pouring drinks when you have guests around. However, Beldi glasses are not to save only for special occasions. Sturdy and able to also hold hot liquids, the range is great for everyday use.

The Green Glass Edit

Some drink suggestions from Team NM:

“I love iced tea. It reminds me of going on holiday. There’s nothing more refreshing than a lemon iced tea in the Summer.” – Jasmin

To make your own, pour hot water over two bags of black or green tea in the green Beldi jug. Add some honey or sugar to the hot tea if you fancy. Put the jug in the fridge. Once the liquid has cooled down, squeeze the juice of one lemon into the tea. Add some mint leaves and ice cubes to serve in the highball tumblers.

“At the moment I am obsessed with grapefruit spritzers. Any juice mixed with sparkling water reminds me of being back in Germany.” – Sarah

Simple, yet effective: Fill one-third of the jug with pink grapefruit juice and top the rest up with sparkling water. Add ice cubes for extra refreshment.

The Green Glass Edit

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