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Easy Summer Living

Easy Summer Living
June 10, 2021 Nordicmuse
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Summer is finally here and we’re celebrating its arrival with an easy and organic homeware update. Materials like bamboo, straw, and hemp give us all the holiday vibes. Combined with cool ceramics and concrete planters these pieces bring a timeless look to your home and garden. Simple shapes and natural hues help to create a moment of calm.


Mixing materials and textures is a powerful tool when it comes to home and garden styling. Smooth surfaces like concrete or stone pair perfectly with rougher structures like rattan, straw, or hemp. A minimal colour palette of grey and beige tones lends itself best for this natural and organic look.



Rustic ceramics add character to any setting. Whether using mismatching mugs for your morning coffee in the sun or hand-shaped stoneware bowls for serving nibbles for your evening guests – these pieces are subtle eye-catchers and induce your table with individuality.



Icecubes, a slice of lemon, some mint leaves… is there anything more satisfying than a fresh, cold glass of water? Our glassware range helps to boost this ultimate Summer feeling. Handmade in Morocco, the three different sizes of the glasses come in sets of four or six – with or without a matching jug. Due to their crafted nature, every piece has a unique design to them.

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