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The Golden Girl Edit

The Golden Girl Edit
October 31, 2021 Nordicmuse
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Gold is not only a colour. It is a state of mind. If you chose to be a golden girl you are going to one – probably for the rest of your life. Complimenting a wide range of skin tones, gold excites customers all year round. Its yellow shade adds just the right amount of warmth to a grey winter day and is the perfect partner for sunkissed summer skin.

We love to go bold in gold and layer multiple pieces at once, adding multiple necklaces, stack rings on different fingers and pair different sized hoops to create a current, characterful look. Although: A single shiny statement piece – like a bold pair of gold hoops – has the power to take an outfit from casual to wa-wa-woom.

There is also something special about mixing different textures of gold. Think of simple shaped earrings and intricately facetted rings or sleek gold bangle combined with a twisted hoop.

The quality of jewellery is important. Even more so with gold pieces as some platings fade more easily than others. Our collection is now completely made from waterproof and tarnish-resistant material. A stainless steel base that has been mixed with a gold colour guarantee long-lasting shine.

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