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Layering – The Edit

Layering – The Edit
September 17, 2021 Nordicmuse
In Fashion

It’s no secret that we at Nordic Muse are huge fans of layering jewellery. It’s just the best way to get the most wear out of your pieces. Also, layering is perfect for adding a personal dimension to any outfit incorporating all of your favourite accessories at once. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. In this edit, we have collated the best pieces for creating layered looks from our jewellery collection.

Rings on Rings

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have enough fingers for all of our rings. Does this sound familiar? Fortunately, our styles are stackable and come in various sizes so you can wear them all at once. When it comes to combining rings we like to get creative and coming up with new pairings. Recently, we have been enjoying layering two chunkier dome rings together. Another favourite combination is a slimmer ring on the index and a chunkier piece on the ring finger. The possibilities are limitless.

Necklace Combinations

To be honest: We don’t remember the last time we’ve left the house with only one necklace on. It’s layering that makes a look interesting in our eyes. Feel free to pair different lengths and textures to create personal, characterful combinations. It’s hard to pick just one anyway. Making layering easy: Try a shiny snake necklace as a basis, layer a link chain necklace on top and finish with a coin pendant on a chain such as our zodiac necklaces. When choosing different widths and textures the necklaces are also less likely to get tangled.

Stacking Earrings

Pairing a smaller hoop with a bigger hoop is one of Team NM go-to favourites. But no fear, you do not need a second pair of ear piercings to pull off a layered look. There are loads of layered earring styles in our collection that lend themselves perfectly for re-creating that staggered look.


Bangles, necklaces, earrings – you get the common theme: the more, the better. But it doesn’t have to be tones of bling to create a  layered effect. Sometimes a simple necklace-bangle-earring combo hits the spot.

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