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Palo Santo Sticks, Cedar and Myrrh

Palo Santo Sticks, Cedar and Myrrh


The Palo Santo Sticks from Cedar and Myrrh come from Peru. Also known as “Holy Wood”
these sticks are utilized by Indigenous Amazonian and Andean healers in sacred rituals for purification, attracting positive energy, and fostering peace. How to use: Hold at an angle pointing down. Light the tip and blow out the flame so that only smoke is produced. Direct this smoke throughout your body or around your space and let it linger. Place in a fireproof bowl and extinguish in sand when done.

– Product origin: Peru
– Scent: Pine, Mint, Lemon, Fireplace, Sweet
– 6 Sticks
– Use in fireproof bowl
– Do not leave unattended while using

About Cedar and Myrrh:

Cedar and Myrrh are committed to the development of a distinguished holistic brand that benefits our customers through non-toxic, sustainable products.

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