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Heather Grey Cottage Socks, Le Bon Shoppe

Heather Grey Cottage Socks, Le Bon Shoppe


The Heather Grey Cottage Socks from Le Bon Shoppe are a chunky, beautiful knit pair that feels effortless and romantically rustic. The rich texture, faded colour palette, thick ribbing and organic scrunching of Cottage Socks invites feelings of ‘Wabi Sabi’ and slowing living. These natural, cotton blend socks love to be worn with vintage florals and tonal layers of luxurious natural fibers.

– High quality fabric
– Precise fit
– Thoughtful construction
– One size fits most (UK women’s size 3-8)
– 85 Cotton 13 Polyester 2 Spdx

Having been on the manufacturer’s end of the fashion industry Le Bon Shoppe wanted to produce socks in a more intentional and curated way. They produce a limited quantity of pieces at a time that is carefully calculated so they can sell everything they produce before making more. This means they don’t carry overstock! And unlike most fashion companies they don’t create the prolific waste of producing excess quantities just to meet quotas or drive sales. Their goal is not to be a super famous brand sold in every store in the world, instead they want to make just enough for everyone who genuinely loves the product. We let our customers dictate the rhythm of our production cycles.

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