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    Ikebana Workshop with Junko

    Get to know the wonderful world of Ikebana with an exclusive workshop led by Ikebana master Junko Popham. The workshop is going to take place on Thursday, the 7th of July, from 6 until 9 pm, at Nordic Muse in the Northern Quarter. The class kicks off the launch of the celebrations of our first year on Tib Street. In this three-hour workshop, Junko will guide you through this ancient Japanese tradition, demonstrating her techniques, and sharing her broad knowledge. Along the way, you will get to write your own story with flowers. Ikebana was born at a small Zen temple in Kyoto more than 300 years ago as a representative art form of nature that grew from offering seasonal flowers to Buddha. This is how Junko explains it in her own words: "Ikebana (生花) means 'Give the flower another life!' So, why not to let flowers, leaves, branches dance and sing for you freely and gracefully until they died or dried up."