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Winter Comforts

Winter Comforts
January 16, 2024 Nordicmuse
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Magazine with Jewellery

These last months of Winter we are celebrating cosy habits such as lighting a candle and reading a book or writing down some ideas for the future. It is also a good time to look inwards and recharge from the busy end of the year.

Dresser with Vase and Mirror

Trying to appreciate the small gestures is key when the days are short and it is cold outside. Create happy moments by leaning into what Winter has to offer like taking your time to get ready in the morning, putting on some shiny gold jewellery for the day, and unwinding with a good read in the afternoon as soon as the dawn sets in.

Winter Comforts

For our Winter comfort edit we have selected our seasonal go-to pieces – things we love using and looking at this time of the year and that simply fill us with joy.

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