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How to Battle Summer FOMO

How to Battle Summer FOMO
August 7, 2023 Nordicmuse
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Suffering from Summer FOMO? You’re in good company! We know, it’s only August just yet but with the weather being so autumnal we really fear of missing out on Summer. If you also feel like weeks are flying by and you’re not making the most of these last sunny days- here are some tips how to battle Summer FOMO:


Be mindful of social media: Remember that social media often presents a highlight reel of people’s lives, and it’s easy to compare yourself to those curated experiences. Take breaks from social media or limit your exposure to it to reduce FOMO triggers.

Set realistic expectations: Understand that not every day or moment during the summer will be filled with exciting activities. It’s okay to have relaxed and low-key days, and they can be just as enjoyable.

Plan your own experiences: Take the initiative to plan activities or outings that interest you. Whether it’s a day trip, a picnic with friends, or trying out a new hobby, creating your own experiences can be fulfilling.


Focus on quality over quantity: Rather than trying to do everything, focus on a few activities or events that genuinely excite you. This way, you can make the most out of your experiences and create meaningful memories.

Connect with others: Reach out to friends or family to make plans together. Sometimes, just having someone to share experiences with can make them more enjoyable

Opt for visual vitamin D: Flick through memories of sunny days and embrace what you’ve already experienced.

And remember: Maybe Summer isn’t so much about the weather but the mindset after all. Let’s celebrate those last weeks of the season with what this time of the year offers – come rain or shine.