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A Guide on Finding the Right Vase

A Guide on Finding the Right Vase
May 18, 2022 Nordicmuse
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Vases come in all sorts of shapes, materials, and sizes. We stock a plethora of beautiful flower vessels – made from glass or clay, some tall and narrow, others wide and short. This huge variety can make it hard to choose the right one for your needs. This is why we broke down the different shapes to create a guide on how to find the perfect vase for you.

The Pedestal 

Pedestal vases can be incorporated into a luxurious table setting commonly seen at dinner parties. Elevated pedestal vases can stand on the floor and lift to table level to break up large halls. A gorgeous glass pedestal vase can be decorated seasonally and be a focal point of your tablescape.

The Bud 

Bud vases are meant to highlight a single flower or small bouquet and can be a delicate addition to a table setting or shelf. Bud vases look great grouped together and can be an alternative to a single centrepiece. Another plus of bud vases is that they won’t get in the way of conversion due to their size. Not much effort is required to arrange these small bouquets so they can be easily integrated into a tablescape. Due to their simplicity, they pair well with the minimalist style and entirely showcase the bloom.

The Bouquet

When only the best will do as a bouquet vase the slightly tapered vase works well with a larger head of flowers to balance the look of a centrepiece. Keeping that in mind it’s best to use flowers that are tall to ensure the vase does not overshadow the blooms.

The Bottle-Shaped

Due to its tall tapered silhouette, this vase shape works well with long stems or branches. The shape makes single, bigger-headed flowers and blooms stand out. It will equally look great with a couple of stems of pampas grass or a narrow arrangement of dried flowers. Just make sure you’re keeping enough length on the stem to create a modern and airy look.

The Jug

Jug vases are often the main focal point on a kitchen table or an outside outdoor dinner setting. Using a jug vase can soften the look while still being a luxurious piece when paired with tall roses or tulips. Inducing a rustic touch to any interior design jug vases also look decorative if displayed without any flowers in them.

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