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Epsom Bath Salt, Bave

Epsom Bath Salt, Bave


The Epsom Bath Salt by Bave helps you wind down after a hectic day at work or a long country walk. Epsom Salt is renowned for its therapeutic benefits which include improving the skin, alleviating muscle and joint pain and aiding relaxation. BAVE Bath Salt help to regulate over 300 of the essential reactions that keep our body working. They help to promote sleep, reduce stress, and aid exercise performance and recovery.


Epsomite, a naturally occuring compund of Magnesium and Sulfate, was first discovered in the early 17th Century in the water of an underground spring. Commonly known as Epsom Salt, its therapeutic properties are still made use of today.


This bottle contains enough salt for 4 baths. Pour the salt into the tub under running water.

– Size: 400g
– Made in Manchester
– Vegan
– Cruelty-free
– Recycled packaging

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