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Let’s Dial Down the Pace

Let’s Dial Down the Pace
May 17, 2024 Nordicmuse
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Do you ever catch yourself wake up and grab your phone first thing in the morning? Even though you’ve promised not to check your emails immediately after waking up? Or do you sometimes realise that you are running from A to B even though there is no pressure to arrive on time? Pacing for the sake of it? Rushing happens to all of us. But what if we could replace these habits with something more mindful?

Journal Yogi

It is scientifically proven that meditation has a positive effect on our wellbeing. Sitting in conscious silence can help reduce anxiety, calm the nervous system and stop spiralling thoughts. Appling essential oils to pressure points such as the temples or the inside of your wrists helps with focussing on the practice and sharpen the senses.

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If meditation is not your jam maybe a simple moment of mindfulness such as lighting a scented candle or burning a piece of Palo Santo could be a lovely way to approach the day at a slower pace. Take a deep breath and remember that life is not a race.

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